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To report on the experience of a place. To share and to build it, to wander, to show or portray it : these gestures allow us to be in the place. I initiate actions that have to do with the documentary or the conceptual in order to tell or to grasp a place, the people who live in it, those who make it what it is.

The length of the experience and the size of the place may vary : I could be on the lookout for a few minutes or slowly going from one place to another during several years, walking for a couple of hours or endlessly going back and forth. Stretching the place, stretching the time, time of the experience or time for experimentation.

Whether they take the form of a collection of materials and documents, or that of an installation or a publication, these gestures often begin with a walk and with photography, and try to deploy on location, in the public place or in the place where they originate. They try to raise debate and actions, to tell collectively, to get the archive out of the shelf and art out of the workshop.